Make it personal.

Session 0

Phase IV Subject 0001

Candy messages the client with the crate’s serial number and gets back the following response:

Serial number confirmed. Thank you. I regret that I must alter our deal, however. The remainder of your payment has been routed to NCB703820173, as agreed, but I cannot take delivery of the cargo. It was critical to remove it from SegAtari’s hands and they must not be allowed to reclaim it!

I did my homework before approaching you with this job. I appeal to you now, to your love of family, please protect her. Tell her that I’m sorry, but this was the only way. She is more precious than you know…

The 5,000 eddies the team was due were indeed wired to the specified bank account but there were an additional 2,500 eddies on top.

Feeling a headache coming on, Candy briefed the team and they decided to open the crate and see what they’d gotten themselves into. Rock checked the crate for explosive booby traps, found none, and Wombat and Stitches popped the lid off.

Seiz and Candy’s bug detectors immediately started pinging and the team found a third tracker, same model as the two found on the crate’s exterior, affixed to the underside of the crate lid in one corner. They pulled the battery as Stitches studied the crate’s contents: a cryotank containing a teenage girl in suspended animation. Between the cryotank and the wall of the crate there were also an opaque plastic box with air holes punched in the lid and nylon carryall moderately full of personal possessions.

Stitches determined that the cryotank had about 72 hours of power left before it would need to be connected to a power source and that the occupant’s vital signs were stable. It occurred to Wombat that he could review his raw braindance to see if he could pick up any additional clues to what the team had stumbled into aboard Bulgakov’s Cat while Seiz decided to check the memory chips in Streak’s cyberdeck to see if he’d downloaded anything useful from the ship’s net architecture.

The following information was uncovered:

  • The ship is due to arrive at the Port of Night City at 11:32pm January 19
  • Crate ID QR-1000001-CT
  • Crate Serial Number 1ec6aebb-ce34-4e5e-9d8a-694a5e003402
  • Project Quiet Roadrunner
  • Warnings on crate: Access by personnel lacking Sigma Violet clearance punishable by termination and loss of pension
  • Three off the shelf tracking beacons, signal detectable up to about 8 kilometers away
  • There were 10 total crates of the same size, shape, and general weight as QR-1000001-CT
    • QR-1000001-CT: Phase IV Subject 0001
    • QR-4009432-CT: Phase I Subject 9432
    • QR-4009437-CT: Phase I Subject 9437
    • QR-4009438-CT: Phase I Subject 9438
    • QR-3000381-CT: Phase II Subject 0381
    • QR-3000390-CT: Phase II Subject 0390
    • QR-3000392-CT: Phase II Subject 0392
    • QR-3000396-CT: Phase II Subject 0396
    • QR-3000401-CT: Phase II Subject 0401
    • QR-2000098-CT: Phase III Subject 0098
  • Wombat, during the operation, actually laid eyes on the crates containing Subjects 9432, 0381, 0390, 0401, and 0098, which were stored near Subject 0001’s crate
  • The cargo manifest for the ship listed:
    • An entire research lab worth of computing power, plus:
      • Braindance recording and editing gear
      • Nanotech assemblers
      • Cyberware and bioware prototyping gear
      • 20 Zetatech Paraline 9600 cyberdecks, this year’s top of the line Zetatech deck, not even generally available yet on the market
    • 10,000 RUSH REVOLUTION consoles
    • 5,000 RUSH consoles
    • 100,000 copies of RUSH REVOLUTION games
    • 75,000 RUSH games

Wombat also checks out the 2 boxes the team pilfered along with the crate. Inside were 4 RUSH REVOLUTION consoles (retail for 600eb each), new in box, 100 copies of the latest Elflines Online MMO expansion, Reason & Demons, 200 copies of Madden ‘45, and 100 copies of Extreme Combat Soccer. Games retail for 60eb each. (26,400 eddies total, retail)

With that information in hand, the team decided to wake up the girl in the tank. She was disoriented and annoyed to be naked, cold, and on display for a bunch of strangers in leaky, abandoned warehouse instead of the warm, clean SegAtari facility she expected to wake up in. She introduced herself as Otter and the group began to bombard her with questions…

A few of the initial answers:

  • She expected to wake up in a SegAtari facility in Night City
  • She was only put into suspended animation for the trip
  • The project she’s a part of was relocating to Night City
  • Some of the project staff are already in Night City, set to receive the cargo from Bulgakov’s Cat
  • There are to be 3 more cargo loads, the last of which will include the remaining project staff from Tokyo

Questions for the players to consider for next session:

  • What do you do with Streak’s corpse?
  • What about Streak’s cyberware?
    • Cyberware takes about 4 hours per piece to carefully remove without risk of damaging it
    • If Stitches does it, it’s going to cost her a chunk of her Humanity, for parting out someone she’s worked with for several years, even if he’s not a good friend
    • You can hire a ripperdoc for 100 eddies an hour (give or take, depending on Candy’s negotiating)
  • What do you do with Streak’s gear?
  • Does anyone tell Mona Chesterfield, Streak’s long-time girlfriend, what’s happened to him?
  • Do you give Streak’s 1,000 eddies and share of the loot to his girlfriend? What about his gear or his cyberware?
  • Do you give Otter a share of the loot?
  • Do you give Rock a share of the loot?
  • What do you do with Crate QR-1000001-CT? It’s a hard-sized pelican-type case. You could remove identifying marks from it and probably not miss something, then dispose of it.
  • What do you do with the cryotank? It’s worth 5,000eb and would be a great asset for the party. Needs a little bit of work to wire it into the power grid, but doesn’t draw excessive power. It does take up a 1m x 1m x 2.5m chunk of floor space, however
  • Do you give Otter the extra money the client sent Candy?
  • Where is Otter going to spend the night or stay for the next few days?
  • Do you let Otter have her carryall of belongings and the box with the air holes punched in it?



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